We say, every foundation is as good as the ground under it: not better, not worse. Moreover, foundations and stratum (the ground under it) behave like a system: and because of this, we do not just design foundations, we design load-bearing systems, from DIY foundations to sophisticated piling systems. Systems, whose design purpose is to support the loads in a safe and efficient way. 

Our system-based approach enables us to design foundations that work in harmony with the ground conditions: they are not a good foundation on bad ground, a bad foundation on good ground or an array of such combinations. We design a system that will hold up your building: it is as simple as that. We operate under a professional liability insurance scheme and offer you cover up to €1.3 million against design mistakes – with all our foundation designs

We undertake designs in the following areas:

  • desktop studies, feasibility studies, concept designs
  • strip foundations, slab foundations
  • floating slab foundations large ground stabilizing slab design
  • stepped foundations
  • raft/floating raft designs
  • pad foundations and inverted Tee’s 
  • friction piles (timber, pre-cast concrete)
  • displacement pile systems (steel, pre-cast concrete) 
  • auger pile systems 
  • retaining pile systems 
  • caisson piles 
  • lally piles 
  • pre-cast spread foundations 
  • under-pinning operations

The costs of foundation designs vary greatly depending on the size of the building, the cost of soil testing, if necessary, the need for hydrological plan, and the load needed to be supported. For an accurate price, please feel free to contact us here.